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Hostels in Bangkok! What you need to know

Beautiful Bangkok

So you’re going to Bangkok! Nice one !

You are on your way to what could be and what most likely will be some of the happiest moments of your life. We can also tell you that by choosing to stay in a Hostel in Bangkok you’ve made the right move. By staying in a hostel you will get to meet other like minded travellers who will be fun to travel and hang with whilst giving you useful advice!

These are the hostels in Bangkok we recommend!

Best Hostels in BangkokBest Hostels 

Undoubtedly the best hostels you will be able to find in Bangkok.  What makes a “Best” hostel when taste is so subjective ? Well, we incorporated several factors to determine what makes our “best” list these range from ambience , uniqueness, location, friendly staff and welcoming environment, value for money, cleanliness and more.  Our review staff have stayed in hundreds of hostels over the years, you can trust their judgement. You won’t be disappointed with your accommodation. These hostels are the most sought after in Bangkok, so if you’re thinking of booking your stay in one of them during high season then you’ll want to try and book your Hostel as early in advance as possible.

Cheap hostels in Bangkok

Cheap Hostels

Its O.K to travel on a budget, it just means you have to be smarter with your money. The Hostels listed here offer the best rates, you can rest assured that because you’re paying less it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sleep in a dump. These Hostels here offer no frills , low cost, high value for money accommodation. Some Hostels may be smaller, or have shared facilities or be located a bit out of the main area’s but other than that they have all passed our quality checks and we are glad to recommend them

Best Located Hostels in Bangkok


Best Located Hostels

Best located Hostels can mean one of two things, either the Hostel is located in an extremely sought after area for accommodation in Bangkok or alternatively the Hostel is situated in an beautiful area such as a park or a location with a view. Each Bangkok hostel on this list is worth a look at. There is a wide variety of locations , so really it just depends on what you want, which is the way its supposed to be when you are travelling or on holiday!

HippHippie Hostels in Bangkokie Hostels

The hippiest hostels in Bangkok. Not to be confused with Hipsters! These are funky Bangkok Hostels which have that friendly, funky and happy Vibe going on!  The ambience inside these Hostels is what makes it all happen. If you’re travelling to meet and make friends these social hostels make it happen oh so easily.  The relaxed aura they give off puts everyone in a better mood and can make the difference between just another hostel and a magical place on your travels

khao San road Hostels in Bangkok


Khao San Road Hostels 

These hostels are located on or near Khao San Road, the party and Life centre for travellers in Bangkok. Generally these hostels cater for travellers looking for a bit of a party, therefore we don’t recommend that you choose one of these Hostels if you’re looking for a quiet place. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a wild time, with late nights, like minded people and heaps of mayhem then these are the Hostels you should stay at in Bangkok.

Disabled Friendly Hostels in BangkokDisabled Friendly Hostels

Bangkok is suitable for all Travellers, it caters for everyone’s likes and needs. These Hostels go a step further and have facilities that cater for people with special needs. Such as people with disabilities who need to use a wheelchair to get around. The staff at these Hostels are trained and experienced in helping disabled travellers. You’ll be glad to know that the Thai people are most helpful. You can also take a look at our guide to disabled friendly Bangkok


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