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About , Is fully written, owned and run by me. Im a full time traveller, all over south east asia mainly, but my base of operations seems to be Bangkok. I came here 5 Years ago and I’ve fallen in love with it. I pay for my travels from writing and odd jobs for companies in and around Bangkok.

I like to think that im as Thai now as anyone who was not born here could ever be. In fact short of speaking and writing Thai I consider myself an excellent source of local information, customs and life.

Thai Boat on A White BeachOn a personal level i am very easy going, I don’t really have a path to take but I know where I want to go. I love all things nature from wildlife to open green areas , the sea and everything in between. I’m also an avid Asian foodie with an extremely soft soft spot for … you guessed it… Thai food even though my bowels would disagree!

I started this site as I thought I could provide a real insight into Hostels in Bangkok and what Thailand is like to Travel. I meant this site to be a guide for all backpackers and Travellers visiting Thailand, so if there is something you’d like to know just contact us and we’ll be happy to give you all the information we can!

We’ll get to see you at a Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand Soon! We hope !

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Oh if you have a Thailand story of any sort we’d bee happy to read it and publish it for you. Travelling is all about personal experiences . So if you experience something special whilst on your travels and you think it was special enough that other backackers would appreciate it too, ┬áthen you should tell us about it

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