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Bangkok Top Tens

Bangkok Top Tens only feature the hottest and coolest stuff in Bangkok! Millions of travellers see Bangkok every year. Each one of them takes home a different experience. Most of them good, a few bad ones too, but each one of them different. The variety, selection, history, culture, activities, nightlife its all there!

We will be continously expanding our Top Ten Selection! Let us know if you think anything is missing!

Amazing Bangkok Moonlight

The Top 10 Bangkok HostelsTop Ten Hostels in Bangkok

The editors choice! Our selection of Handpicked Hostels in Bangkok that stick out for many reasons ranging from Best Located, Best Value, Best Design, Best Vibes and more!  The hostels shown here are the cream of the crop , our highly recommended Bangkok Hostels.


Bangkok AttractionsTop Ten
Things to do in Bangkok

Whether youre here for a while or you’re just passing through Bankok… These are the things you want to see. Its almost a Bangkok Bucket list (less the seedy stuff (if you’re into that kinda thing)) From Monuments to temples and bars. Bangkok home of the cool, will keep you occupied


Bangkok BarsTop Ten Bars in Bangkok

Theres a feeling that comes to every visitor to Bangkok at one point or another! Guaranteed ! Its thirst . If you good drinking a beer at your closest bar its ok. However if you want to grab a drink somewhere  special… then you should see these  . Condemn your liver


Bangkok RestaurantsTop Ten Restaurants in Bangkok

The food in Bangkok is pretty much amazing everywhere its true. So its even harder for the special places to stand out for travellers in the know! Keep an eye out for the restaurants we selected each one serves delecacies, some of them at a bargain too! Salivate here



Secret BangkokTop Secret Places in Bangkok

The secret spots which only the locals are supposed to know about. The places that are off the maps and the hidden spots. The ones which you only hear about from a friend of a friend. Don’t get lost amid the herds of mainstream tourists. Bangok has many secrets. See them here

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A selection of the Top Ten Places, Hostels, Attractions and more that Bangkok and the surrounding areas have to offer to travellers

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