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De Talak Bangkok Hostel

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The word Talak means market in Chinese. In Thai, it sounds like talad which has the same meaning as market. It is the hostels name origin. This is a hostel which is full of color and a very friendly surrounding with lots of people around.

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De talk is a simple hostel and it may not have all the luxuries that some of the other places have but one can be very sure that the sleep will be much appreciated. You will be able to appreciate Thailand in a way like never before and the experienceat the hostel is totally authentic. It is the sure way of getting to learn the true heart of the Thai’s. The hostel has got basic private en-suite that has 3 beds. They also come at a very affordable price and one can be able to greatly enjoy their stay at a very good rate. The beds are great and you can expect total comfort during your stay at the hostel. The deposits are not refundable but standard terms and conditions are applicable. The booking is non-flexible too. The common room is great and the dining area is very cozy too. The employees are very hospitable and they make the stay in the hostel even better.

The hostel is at the very heart of Bangkok and thus one is able to have an experience which is great visiting all the inspirational places that are around the town. At the hostel, one is able to interact with guests from different parts of the globe and have some pretty amazing experiences. It is a true adventure in the real sense of the word. MRT is only a short distance away and also Khlong Toei market is very close by. The fresh market is very enormous and there are very great things to buy here. Great meals start from here. Life around here starts early and the experience you get shows you the true Thai spirit. It is a true home away from home and it is a feeling that you will get immediately.


It is an ordinary hostel which is an ordinary neighborhood and that is what makes it so appealing. A person needs not be ordinary to stay here but it is rather a hostel for all persons. The theme is unassuming and works well with a lot of people. The hostel is friendly to children and you can expect a great environment for the whole family. It is possible to leave luggage at the luggage room in the waiting period. A deposit for the keycard applies.

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Review of Cool De Talak Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand
Samantha ilbassa
De Talak in Bangkok is a hostel which is full of color with very friendly surroundings and usually lots of fun people around
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