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Disabled Friendly Travel Bangkok

Bangkok with its beauty and exoticism allows everyone to enjoy history and culture in a modern but ancient city. This is true for people with disabilities too. For a disabled person, tropical weather can be a great way to soak up the sun. It may be hard to exercise but with the available outdoor activities in Thailand, you can sweat it out a bit and feel much better for it, alternatively you can just take it easy and enjoy the sights.
Thai people are very appreciative and helpful. The culture is rich and special, the kindness of the locals reflected in their faces as if they were familiar with the person they are helping. The positive attitude alone will help you through your day. We showcase hostels in bangkok that cater for the disabled here

Thailand cuisine

Thailand cuisine It is not hard to find street food with easy access for the disabled. Whilst many restaurants and food stalls we feature are easy to access and  offer fantastic dishes throughout most of the day. Not all countries have this Thai syyle kind of street foods where people actually eat at the street side without having to go to malls or a decent seating area.
Thai cuisine is famous for its seafood and pork. The spicy curry is also one of the most famous Thai dishes that has everyone talking about it when they arrive. You’ll want tasty Asian food while in Bangkok and thats exactly what you get, even though if you’re fussy you’ll be able to get western style food too. The prices are very affordable. It will cost you around $3 for a bowl of delicious rice or noodles and a bottle of coke. If you want to eat fast foods, there are many international chain restaurants from McDonald, Burger King and many more.

Accessibility for disabled travellers in Thailand

Disabled Friendly Travel Bangkok

The truth is that not every location in Thailand is accessible for the disabled. That said however, most of the tourism attractions offer access and support for the disabled. Unfortunately its worth mentioning that you may need to be careful on sidewalks because they are not accesible at all points and may be bumpy too. Still you can rely on Thai friendliness for day to day issues like when you are about to cross the road because locals will gladly help if you ask.

Friendly and warm greetings from the locals will definitely give you a relief when you travel with special needs. There is nothing to worry about to asking for help if its needed. It goes the same way for train and boat trips. For the flights you don’t need to worry because there are lots of airlines that cater for people with disabilities. You can take most equipment with you because the staff from airport to hotel or hostel will gladly help you.

Respect the culture

Respect the cultureIn Thailand, culture is one thing you won’t get frustrated about, on the contrary… chances are you’ll be amazed. The only issue which may be regular is the language gap because Thai people outside Bangkok and other tourist areas don’t really speak English. Its important to be aware of Thai safety and customsjust to be aware of whats acceptable behavior and more importantly what isn’t.

No such thing as bad food

thai food As long as you make sure that you don’t visit any dingy restaurants or dodgy looking food stalls you’ll be fine. Always drink clean water from the bottle instead of tap. When eating on the street market, choose wisely and see the stalls with clean areas. You can purchase medicines from the pharmacies if you need any. You can read our detailed medical advice for Thailand here

Private hospitals

Private hospitals

In case you need emergency treatment, there are many private hospitals that are open 24 hours a day. Public hospitals are also available for your service within walking distant in Bangkok center. As for your any dental problem that may arise, Thailand has numbers of good dental clinics and is famous for its cosmetic surgery. You can find emergency contact information and private hospitals here

Red light districts

Red light districts We do not support Sex tourism in Thailand but it is a reality. Many streets are “red light districts” You can grab some beers and also experience evening life of Thailand at Hua Hin or Khao San. You may or may not want to have a special service but you can still tour these alleys and streets to see the nightlife. Most sex workers have no qualms or issues with sex with people with disabilities and will be happy to serve. Should you decide to go for the full monty whatever that may mean to you we strongly recommend contraceptives and remind you that sex with minors is wrong and is also a crime (and that jail in Thailand is probably the worst anticlimax in the world.)

There are various places that are accessible with a wheel chair

  • Grand Palace

The king’s resident is filled with outdoor sightseeing that is disabled friendly.

  • Chinatown

Thailand’s Chinatown can be crowdy during weekends but you can still enjoy the scenery in your wheel chair as you check out the area.

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market

This weekend market is a home to more than ten thousands shops with hundreds of items to sell. This has to be one of  your stops if you travel to Bangkok, most of it can be easily navigated by wheelchair.

  • Chao Phraya River

It is also possible to go sightseeing in the river of Chao Phraya. There are also boats which can cater for people with special needs.

  • Sam Roi Yot

One of the nice beach areas. ranging over an area of 70 km wide at Hua Hin.

  • Elephant Show

This is also a disabled friendly show with lots of amusement spots from painting to daily show of trained elephants.

  • River Kwai

The train track built in world war 2 is now changed to be a public place. It provides incredible historical stories with an incredible  scenery overlooking  the bridge over the river Kwai. Check out our disabled friendly hostels in Bangkok here

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