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Find the Secrets and Secret Places in Bangkok for a Special Vacation

Bangkok is a wonderful city, filled with history. Besides attractions and places that tourists usually visit, it has secret places that you would enjoy visiting.

Secrets Revealed

Still now Bangkok is a popular place to visit in Thailand due to the diverse culture, amazing sites, natural wonders and the relatively cheap awesome experiences that it offers. People who visited Bangkok lately or people who live there can tell you that living in Bangkok – even for short-term, such as a vacation – can be both expensive or cheap depending on the accommodationfood, experiences that you want to have.  Therefore, if you wish to have the best experience in this beautiful city, then you should learn some of its secrets before heading for a vacation there. However, not everyone knows or is willing to tell you about the secrets of Bangkok, but you can read some of them here.

  • Khao San Road – is one of the most popular places that tourists visit. However, before being too enthusiast about this location, you need to know that it is very crowded and it is filled with plenty of tourists, so that you will not get any authentic experience by visiting this location. Also, due to its high popularity amongst tourists, it is one of the most expensive locations of the city. This location is worth a visit though you are not recommended to find hostel accommodation on Khao San Road unless you want a  party holiday
  • Eat at food courts that you can find around the city – of course, most of the visitors of Bangkok would like to eat on the so famous Khao San Road. You can try to have some snacks there, but you won’t find the best, nor the cheapest food in this location. Instead, you should search for food courts, which you can find around the city. There, the food is delicious and quite cheap.
  • Avoid taking Tuk-Tuks. While these might be the cheapest transportation means for Thais, who know the places and the prices, it can rapidly turn into the most expensive transport for tourists. Instead of taking the Tuk-Tuks, you are recommended to take taxis, as they are cheaper and also more comfortable.
  • Take the boat – for a destination that is close to the Chao Praya River, you are recommended to take the boat instead of the taxi or sky train, as it is not only cheaper, but it also offers an authentic Thai experience.
  •  Where to do shopping in Bangkok. As you can imagine already, most tourists would go to Khao San Road or the popular shopping malls for their shopping experience in the city. However, you are not recommended to make your shopping in any of these areas, as they are the most expensive and they do not necessarily offer good quality for your shopping, either. Instead, you should search for the places where Thais do their shopping. Some of the best places to shop include the following: Pratunam Market, Platinum Mall, Chatuchak Weekend Market and Fortune Mall.

Whenever you wish to find the best deals for food and shopping, you are recommended to ask Thai people that you will meet around. Only the Thais know the best places in the city and can help you by giving you advice on which places you should visit and which of them you would better avoid.

Places worth Visiting

When you are going on a vacation to Bangkok, Thailand, you will most likely be advised to visit some of the popular attractions, which you can find in any guidebook related to Bangkok. However, if you wish to really live the Thai experience, then you are highly recommended to visit some of the less popular places around the city. Here are some of the most beautiful places that you should include on your list of places that you should visit while in Bangkok:

  • Mansion 7 – this is a shopping mall and a place where you can eat and it is owned by celebrities. The most interesting part of this place is that it is designed to reassemble a haunted mansion. In the shopping center which you will find in Mansion 7, besides a variety of shops, you will also find the Dark Mansion, which is a giant haunted house, made for the entertainment of visitors. This place is owned by Chris Horwand, a Thai actress, YuthlertSippapak, a film director, and Opal, a DJ and actress.
  • Lumpini Park – this is one of the most popular locations around the city, yet what is not so popular about it is the content and the events taking place there. Therefore, you can also consider this place as one of the secret places of Bangkok. Besides the beautiful park,this is also a school, an outdoor gym, a pavilion and a radio station. This is the great place to choose for a day of relaxation, as it offers you a wide range of relaxing activities to choose from, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, jogging and poetry reading.
  • Wonder World Fun Park – this is a quite unusual water park, as besides the water park, it also offers a rodeo bull, ball house, crazy bus, Ferris Wheel and Shot Tower.
  • Sirocco – this is an extraordinary place in Bangkok, with a luxury restaurant on the 63rd floor. Besides the delicious food and the luxurious cocktails that you can serve in this location, you can also get one of the most spectacular views of Bangkok from there.
  • Amphawa – this is actually an area located outside the northwestern Gulf of Bangkok and it follows the river, with all the houses built on stilts. Besides the beautiful landscapes that this area offers, there is another great point of attraction here: the millions of fireflies, which turn the night into a very sparkling one.
  •  Bangkok Planetarium – this is the oldest planetarium in Thailand and besides the planetarium, it also contains a museum where you can admire amazing exhibits on astronomy.
  • TohDeaw – which in Thai language means “a table”, is a restaurant located in Chinatown of Bangkok and it only has one table, with eight seats around it. Here you cannot choose your food, but the chef decides what you will eat.
  • Wine Pub – this is one of the secret locations that you definitely should visit while in the city. It has a huge list of tasty wines and it also offers very good food.
  • Fantasia Lagoon – this is located on top of a shopping mall and it offers the perfect environment for spending an entertaining day with your family. After a day of shopping and eating, you can have relaxation and fun in this place, which is filled with swimming pools, water slides and whirlpools.

Make the most of your visit, besides the most popular attractions that you would like to visit while you spend some time in Bangkok, you are also recommended to visit some of the so-called secret places of Bangkok. These places are not as popular as those that you can find in any guidebook, but they are definitely some of the most beautiful and interesting places that you will ever see!

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