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This article will answer your questions regarding Bangkok travelling. All you need to know and what you should know – find yourself equipped on the right track as you explore Bangkok!

How can I get from the Airport to Center Bangkok ?

There are many ways to get to the center of Bangkok from the airport. You can take public transportation like taxi and bus, or use the airport link that operates from 6 am till midnight. BTS sky train also connects the airport to the downtown of Bangkok. From Don Muang international airport, you can take train which station is located 500 meters from the airport. You can also opt for shuttle bus with 2 different routes for free.

If you take public taxi, the location is on level 1. For mini bus, the price is negotiable. It can take two people plus luggage at around 600 Baht. The express counter is at level 1 entrance number 8. There is also 24 hour bus service on the 2nd floor. There are more than 10 routes across the city that you can choose from.

Where are the Bus and Train Central Stations in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s train central station is at Hualamphong Station. As a main railway, this station has 20 platforms. Situated at the heart of Bangkok, you can go to almost any tourism attractions such as Chinatown, Silom road, Chao Phraya river and Sukhumvit area. These places are accessible easily from Hualamphong. If you want to go to Hualamphong station, it’s at Rama 4 road in Pathum Wan.

Do I need a Visa in order to visit Thailand?

The visa depends on which country you are from. There are lists of countries that require visas when visiting Thailand. Any passport nationality that plans to visit Thailand longer than the limit given, he or she must obtain the visa. Also, other purposes than traveling needs non immigrant visa. For more information, contact Thai Embassy in your country.

How can I reserve a hotel for Bangkok ?

Choose your hostel here

Where are the Nightlife zones in Bangkok (for bars and dancing clubs)?

Bangkok offers splendid places to spend your nights. For a full entertainment, you can go to Khao San Road to find the hippest clubs in town. Silom nightlife is also a great alternative to have relaxing massage. Sukhumvit’s nightlife is a hedonist paradise with metropolitan taste. As for youngsters, you can catch up with other Thai’s teens at nightlife zone in Ratchadapisek.

Where are the Red Light Districts in Bangkok?

To find lovely hostesses in Bangkok, you can go to Patpong’s venues. It’s one of the biggest in Bangkok that makes up discos and bars plus massage parlors in Silom Road area. The small lanes often become tourism destinations.

Nana Plaza is also an alternative to find red light district in Sukhumvit Soi 4. The pubs open at 8 pm with top entertainment near the Nana station. For descent Go Go Bar, you can try to visit Soi Cowboy. But some girls can be pushy here so you need to be careful . Other than these areas, there are still many others in Sukhumvit road.

What can I Do and Visit in Bangkok during the day?

There are many tourism attractions you can visit during the day. Thailand’s famous temples should be your first destinations. Even when you are not a Buddhist, the grandeur designs of these pilgrimage sites offer splendid sceneries for you to capture. The riverside of Chao Phraya is another site to witness during the day. Chinatown and traditional floating market Chatuchak are both a must see destinations. Bangkok malls offer paradise for shoppers. The extensive collection of fashion pieces and accessories give you the choice of almost any kind of items at MBK Malls, traditional markets, Siam Square and many more.

Do Thais speak English?

Some of Thais speak English but some of them with low income do not speak fluent English.

How can I find a good Restaurant in Bangkok?

For premium restaurant with amazing view, you can try sky dining at Bayoke Sky. If you want to taste Thai’s authentic cuisine, you can get to these delicious places in Lumphini Park, Victory monument, Thong Lor, and China Town. See our list of top ten restaurants in Bangkok for the details

 Is it easy to exchange Money in Bangkok ?

It is very easy to exchange money in Bangkok as there are many public places that offer money changer. The moment you arrive in Bangkok Airport, there is a money exchange stand nearby. You can also draw Bangkok Money from the ATMs. Check out bank rates to get the best exchange rate for your currency.

Can I pay in Bangkok in foreign currency like with the Dollar ?

Not many venues allow you to pay with foreign currency. For department stores, they may permit but at the traditional markets or tourism attractions; it’s encouraged that you change your currency into Thai Baht.

What is the cheapest way to make International phone calls ?

There are many cheap ways to make international phone call from Thailand. The extensive use of WiFi allows you to make Skype phone call internationally. Alternatively, you can purchase phone card or Thai SIM card.

 Which Electric Plug is used in Thailand ?

Thailand uses 220 V with plug type A and C. You should bring adaptors if your plug is different from the national standard.

Is there a Bike Tour in Bangkok ?

Yes, there is grasshopper night bike tour that guides you across the city and witness the beautiful temples near the Chao Phraya river at night. Join the locals and international tourists – meet new friends along the way.

Another bike tour is the tour to cultural safari of Bangkok. It’s an adventurous journey with lots of places to explore. You can find out more from travel agents and bike tour official pages.

Can I rent a motorbike (scooter) in Bangkok ?

Yes, Bangkok offers bike for quick transportation to avoid traffic jam at the main streets. In fact there are many great shops that offer motorbike or bike for rent. You can pick traditional bike or sport bike with different rates. Driving scooter in Thailand needs you to be very careful because they don’t have a dedicated track for the bikers.

Where can I dance Salsa in Bangkok ?

There are many venues that offer Salsa dancing and classes for those who are fond of the Spanish moves. You can go to some of these popular places to dance Salsa

  • La Rueda at Sukhumvit Soi
  • Frasier Suite at Sukhumvit Soi
  • Spanish no 4 at Silom Soi
  • Zaks Wine at Sukhumvit Soi

Bangkok also offers dance classes for salsa.

Is it safe to visit Bangkok ?

Bangkok city has busy streets and rather chaotic road traffic. The attraction sites are often filled with many people so the best thing to do is to keep close your important belongings. When visiting Bangkok during national holiday, the place can be pretty crowdy. But above all, the area is safe place for tourists.

During the demonstration, many countries give their citizens travel warnings but many tourists who were in the city didn’t have any issue.

Do I need any vaccination before visiting Thailand ?

Thailand does not have any virus carrier that could endanger your life but it is best to be prepared before anything happens. It is wise to equip yourself with up to date vaccine like Rubella and diphtheria. Other vaccine such as flu shot or chicken pox may be necessary depending your health condition. The recommended vaccine is hepatitis A because Thai street foods may contain virus risk. You should consult our medical advice guide and your doctor before traveling to Bangkok.

Can I drink tap water in Thailand ?

It is safe to drink tap water in Thailand but Thai’s residents still avoid drinking from tap water so you should not do the same although it is considered safe. You can rely on water bottle because the price is also relatively cheap. Use tap water for showering or brushing teeth.

Where can I find a doctor or a dentist in Bangkok ?

Doctors and dentists are available in many areas across Bangkok. Sukhumvit road is one of the places for dental clinic in case you need an emergency treatment. Bangkok also houses several national hospitals with emergency doctors for 24 hours.

How long has Bangkok existed?

Bangkok has existed since 15th century. It was in 1960 that Bangkok became one of tourism destination with its strong and rich cultural background that often fascinates people. Due to its strategic location, Bangkok became custom port where ships sail in and out the country. The French moved out from Siam at around 1688 and King Taksin established his kingdom since then along with his successor. The country monarchy becomes its main point of interest while the businesses strive with the modernity. Now, Bangkok is a metropolitan city with control systems and lots of entertainment places to give to the locals and international tourists.

 What to Pack for the trip to Thailand ?

Thailand has tropical climate. The weather could be very hot during the day so light fabric clothes should be your best options. Also, you might want to bring your sun glasses or sunscreen. Bring comfortable shoes or sandals but if you want to enter the Grand Palace, you need to dress decently with long pants and shoes. If you want, you can purchase the clothing after arriving in the city. First aid is necessary according to your health condition.

Travel documents and some Baht in cash are also necessary. If possible bring the copies of your passports and other documents in case of emergency. You can opt for money belt to keep your cash in a secure place when visiting tourism attractions.

Other types of goods you need to bring is mosquito repellent. At night, the mosquito can be a problem. You can purchase coils to keep them away especially when your hotel has balcony or porch. The toilet papers are not always available so make sure you equip yourself with it. If you are backpacking, you can also bring LED flash light in case the hostel blacks out. Thailand can be hot and humid during the day, you should expect the Asian sun rays stings on your skin. Bring cap or hat or umbrella from home whenever you go outside.

If you travel to Thailand during the rainy season, you should bring umbrella and waterproof bag with you. It would be convenient to carry electronics at the beach without worrying that it might get wet. For scuba diving purposes, you can use waterproof bag while you enjoy the underwater scenery.

Where can I find a Map of Bangkok ?

You can find Bangkok maps the moment you arrive at Bangkok airport. Or, you can go to book stores and get one. Various travel agents also provide Bangkok travel map for your convenience. You may also find interactive maps of Bangkok online with traffic and satellite views that will do a great favor for your journey.

Where can I see Videos with Bangkok scenery?

There are various sources of videos with Bangkok scenery. For amateur videos, you can find extensive collections of Bangkok sceneries in You Tube.

Where can I get more Information about Bangkok ?

More information about Bangkok can be found at the airport, travel agent, Bangkok embassy and other online sources.

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