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Khaosan Baan Thai Bangkok Hostel

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This is one very stylish place located in the old part of Thai where you can feel the real life of Thai people. This is one old house structure where you can enjoy in the lovely atmosphere and experience the way of living in this place.

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This old structured house that is made like a hostel is made to meet the needs of those people who like to have some stylish look of the stay, but still do not mind having some shared bathrooms. As this is the building of old structure made of wood, it does not have any ensuite bathrooms, but those which are shared are very nice, clean and available to use all the time. In front

Khaosan Baan Thai is a cozy looking hostel that has 10 rooms in total, of which 5 are with air conditioning and 5 have fans. You can make your choice among regular and deluxe beds where you will be seated, so you will have the possibility to enjoy in your total privacy. Every morning the guests will be offered classic American breakfast with drinks included.

In the common place and outside in the backyard, there are very nice designed Everything is made of wood and stone, so you will enjoy this kind of style very much, because it is very specific and unique. You can stay here when you like, alone or with a company. Here you can reach even some new friends and you can socialize with other guests, if that is what you like.

Friendly staff is always available to give you some support and help you with all your questions. As this teak wood house is on the place where you will need only around 10 minutes of walk to the Khaosan Road, very fast you will be able to see some very nice district of the Old Town. You will be able to see some nice tourist attractions such as Wat Arun, The National Museum and many others.

Here you can easily use your perfect opportunity to go along Chao Phraya River as there is one point where you can take some boats and this is how you can see much more of the city on one very specific way.


Thanks to the all facilities which this house has, you will feel completely like you are home. With linen and towels included, there is no need to be worried about some unwanted luggage, while you can store yours in a safe place all the time. There is always high speed internet available, and Wi-Fi can be reached all around the house. If you are coming by car, you can leave it in the parking which is available. With many other facilities, you will enjoy your stay in Bangkok very much and next time you come you will wish to stay in Khaosan again.

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Review of Khaosan Baan Thai Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand
Samantha ilbassa
Feel at home at Khaosan Baan Thai Bangkok Hostel. A relatively small hostel with great prices and good deals on accommodation
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