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Thailand is amazing there is no other way to put it. Bangkok is a huge city that is a multicultural and political melting pot. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, you always want to play it safe.

Bangkok Protests

That said Bangkok’s difficult moments are no different from the ones we’ve all had at home. Its something natural, foreigners , travellers and tourists are 99 times out of hundred never a target. Statistically its more likely that you’ll get hit on head with a coconut but that said follow the golden rule(s)… Learn the local customs and safety tips and if you see trouble get away from it. Oh and it doesn’t hurt either if you ask your receptionist at the hostel if the place you’re going is safe in heated times. With a bit of common sense you’ll survive

Its important to keep in mind that neither the government nor the protesters have any intention or motive to harm backpackers, travellers and holidaymakers. Generally the Thai people have proven themselves to be extremely understanding and helpful in situations. The Thai economy depends on tourism therefore its easy to understand why everyone has a vested interest in the well being of travellers.

Just in case you are the statistical anomaly you should be aware of all emergency numbers in Thailand. You can read and print the list here.

Current travel alerts  (if any) are shown below

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Latest Travel Warnings for Travellers and Backpackers in Bangkok
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Live Travel advisories, warning and advice for all travellers and backpackers and Hostel Goers in Bangkok Thailand.

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