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Lub d Bangkok Silom Hostel

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Lub d Bangkok Silom is an iconic hostel with lots of friendliness and quality in one. Find new acquaintance in a dorm or seek

privacy in their private rooms! Whichever you choose, this hostel gives the warmest welcome to anyone visiting Bangkok.

Lub d Bangkok Silom is an incredible place that puts solemnly and calamity first! It is located near the commercial district just 10 minutes away from the nearest train station so you can easily commute to malls or markets without hassle. There are many hip spots that you can reach just by walking.

Lub d Bangkok Silom Hostel  Dorm Room

The towels are free and you will be given padlock for your locker to keep all of your belongings. As a backpacker hostels, this place have rules to make everyone’s stay convenient. Some even said this hostel is like a lifestyle because they don’t look no more for a place to stay in Bangkok City. Lub d Bangkok Silom provides house rules where you can download and read. You need to obey these rules for your own comfortable nights.

There are 4 types of room and for the dormitories; you need to be quiet after 10 pm because there are others sleeping in the same spacious room with you. For private rooms, you can look forward to a quiet place with warm environment. This is an ideal place for sanctuary or sleep cave. It’s a luxurious hostel because of the spacious room you normally see in 3 star.

The hostel also provides street guide for you if you are unfamiliar with the city. They will be the one who arrange booking for your bus and train tickets so you can have a trip without hassle. The Hotel Guest Service is for free. So, if you are from outside Thailand, you will quickly learn what’s hot and what’s not. The information is given for free especially for the hostel guests. For you who seek Bangkok and beyond; you can find it out at the lobby in the morning and start your journey there. There are still a bunch of free services that this hostel offers to the guests. The friendly staffs will be happy to assist you if there is anything about Bangkok you need to know.



Although this is a budget accommodation, it is quite clean though. The sheets and the room influence your sleeping mood the moment you arrive. It’s also very sociable hostel as everyone goes out in front and chatting with new people. They have conversations till the curfew takes place. The bar opens till night so you don’t have to worry because bartender will always be ready to give you a shot.

It’s like a compact place to stay and to enjoy Bangkok!


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Bangkok Silom Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand
Samantha ilbassa
A young and full of life hostel with a great attitude and style. Lub d Bangkok Silom Hostel is definitely a good place to stay!
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