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Samsensam hostel Bangkok

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This guest house is located in the soi street, samsen street in Banglampoo area. It is just a few minutes away from the Khaosan road and the Chaopraya road. It is gifted from generation to generation and is well preserved like a treasure. It is believed to be a 100 year old wooden house, and is still reining under the sixth king ruler. Sam Sen Sam 5 The samsensam is standing proudly, flourishing amidst the beautiful and colorful flowers and trees. Location wise you will certainly like it, as it is in the center of Banglampoo area which is one of the oldest communities within the Rattankosin Island. So here mostly Chinese and Muslims have enjoyed their livelihood in eternal peace. To portray the beauty and serenity of the hostel and the environment in words is very difficult. It is something which you need to feel. It is a cream and white painted house in-between the colored plethora of trees and flowers. The maintenance of the samsensam is done as if a treasure is preserved for generations to come. When you move into the guesthouse you will feel you are walking in a creative artisan gallery displaying fine beauty and aspects of nature. All the rooms are painted according to a floral theme the colors are like fresh-orange, olden days pink, whitish-pink, lavender and golden rose which will ignite all your senses and will make you fall in love with the beauty. You will find Thai tradition and authentic art in each nook and corner of your room, which will make your stay really memorable.

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Samsensam hostel Bangkok
Samantha ilbassa
Samsensam hostel in Bangkok is a value for money hostel. Which has a good location and a very western style. A quiet welcoming backpackers
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