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Sivalai Place Bangkok Hostel

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Sivalai Place 6

Sivalai Place is a modern built hostel with a fresh design and convenient location! It is renowned as a quality establishment thats more of a hotel than a hostel.

All of the rooms listed below come at different rates and you can be able to select one within their budget and there are also many great rooms for the whole family in case you are travelling with them. The booking is non-flexible and subject to standard terms and conditions. The hostel is great and of great value. The swimming pool is also pretty amazing and there is also a gym where onecan keep up with the work out regimes.

There are different types of rooms available in Sivalai place. These include:
• Superior family room en-suite which has 4 beds
• Superior private en-suite with two beds
• Twin private en-suite
• Double bed private en-suite

Sivalai place is a great way to enjoy the traditional Thai lifestyle. The staff are great and you can be sure that your stay will be one to remember for a long time to come. The environment is quite welcoming too and the surroundings are also family friendly. It is a brilliant choice for long and short term travellers who need to have an affordable, high quality, friendly, fun and cool place to stay. It is also in a very convenient location which is safe.


At Sivalai place, you have easy access to the city where you can be able to enjoy various attractions and the greatest destinations within Bangkok. The ambiance within this hostel is inviting and warm. It may be a great place to meet new people from different parts of the world. The hostel is run by a family and has been in operation for years now which has greatly refined the place. It is a true home away from home setting. It is a very lovely environment where international residents have the opportunity of meeting likeminded friends.

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Review of Sivalai Place! A wicked central hostel in Bangkok
Samantha ilbassa
Review of a true family run hostel in Bangkok called Sivalai Place . A funky place to rest and recuperate from your hard day backpacking
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