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Staying Safe in Thailand


Safety sign in ThaiSafety in Thailand

If you keep these things in mind during your stay in Thailand and add a dash of common sense then you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Some people take it easy and don’t take any precautions and nothing ever happens to them, some other travellers like to be prepared, others still find out that they are unprepared when they wish they were prepared.

As any seasoned traveller will tell you “the way in is easier than the way out”

Read the advice below and keep it in mind when you’re in Thailand. Speak to other guests at the hostel , the receptionist and locals to get the best insights into your neighbourhood and the greater Bangkok are around you

You may also want to read our Bangkok emergency information with handy numbers to call in an emergency as well as our Bangkok Travel Warnings  page that has any latest travel advisories for Thailand


Safety tips

  • Travel Safety SignLock your room at night and when going out.
  • Leave all valuables in the Hostel safety deposit boxes when available.
  • Don’t leave valuables unattended in you baggage when travelling by bus or train
  • Be wary of accepting food and drink from strangers
  • Agree prices before starting any journey by taxi or Tuk Tuk and be extremely clear about where you want to go
  • Drugs are bad… lol but the penalties for drug related offences in Thailand are worse and if you think that isn’t warning enough, then I challenge you to google “Thai Prisons” . It’s not fun, don’t get caught.
  • There exists in Thailand a Tourist Police force founded to solely assist tourists and travellers. If you need to involve the police its best to contact them directly
  • Take a photocopy of your id page on your passport around with you. Local Authorities can demand to see it, but rarely do.

When Driving In Thailand

  • Thai DrivingDriving standards in Thailand are abominable, whilst not existing
  • When hiring a car or a bike make sure you read the terms and always always get insurance. Vehicle insurance is only valid for holders of an international driving licence or a Thai Driving licence.
  • Crash Helmets are mandatory on motorbikes. Dress appropriately at all times, even a minor skid can have nasty results
  • The law requires front seat passengers in cars to wear a seat belt.when you’re wearing flip flops!


Customs Advice for Thailand

Thai Monk

  • Treat Monks with the upmost respect
  • You will have to remove your shoes and flip flops before entering someone’s house or a temple and some shops.
  • Never touch a Thai persons head or hair, A persons head is considered sacred in Thailand
  • Don’t Point to things or people with your feet
  • Never ever show any disrespect to the Royal Family or Buddhism
  • Don’t get aggressive, angry or raise your voice



thai-policePolice advice for Travellers and Bacpackers

When a traveller is stopped for a search

• You may take photos of the police before a the search starts.
• Searches may only be conducted in public well lit areas.
• Do not pay any money to the police even if you are asked to.
• Vehicles can only be stopped for searches at official police checkpoints .
•Urine testing can only be conducted at an official police station
•You can 
carry a photocopy of the entry stamped visa page and copy of the photopage of your passport instead of carrying your actual passport.

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