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Thailand and Bangkok Maps

A comprehensive set of the best maps we have found from around the internet! Click on the actual image to view it full size . Many of the maps can be easily printed onto a small sheet of paper and taken with you on your voyage. Most backpackers and hostels in Bangkok usually offer you a free map on arrival. If they don’t have just pop in any tourism store or hotel and pick one up. If you’re looking for a more detailed map like a regional map showing streets, roads and highways then we suggest you stop by the first 7/11 you see.

Bangkok Regions Map

Whilst it is most likely that you wont be using this map, it’s always good to get a general sense of distances and regions around you.
This Map details the regions that make Bangkok

Bangkok Regions Map

Bangkok Area’s

If you wanted a map of Bangkok that would show the different cultural places  and styles of Bangkok then this would be it. Its easy to make out general directions as well as understanding what each neighbourhood or area is renowned for. An extremely handy map for any backpacker wishing to figure out Bangkok fast.

Bangkok Simple Orientation MapDetailed Bangkok City Map

This map gives you a street by street view, with all major attractions for the avid traveller to see. If you want to read up on these attractions and other funky places in Bangkok make sure you check out our Bangkok Top 10′s to get all the information you will need. If you want to stay in centrally located hostels make sure you check out our best located Hostels section.


Backpackers Bangkok Map

Bangkok Metro / Skytrain Map

The skytrain is witrhout a doubt the easiest and most efficient way of travelling long distances in and around Bangkok.

Bangkok Metro and Skytrain Map

Country Map

This is a map showing Thailand, it’s islands , Bangkok and its other regions as well as  the countries that surround it in South East Asia.  Major towns and major border crossings are also shown. As you can see from the Map, Thailand is a very large country, with countless beautiful experiences to be discovered on your travels.

Travellers Map of Thailand

 Thailand Dive Map

Diving map showing all major areas for diving and snorkelling. We suggest that if you are going to book any diving or other activities you do that via our trusted and guaranteed network of tour providers. Thailand’s diving tourism is safe, trusted and relatively cheap, but like any other industry you want to choose wisely.

Diving Spots in Thailand
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Thailand and Bangkok Maps for Travellers
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A selection of Maps showing Thailand as a country, Bangkok on a detailed level with attractions and points of interest as well as dive site map and a cultural map of Bangkok and more

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