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The Definitive Collection of Bangkok’s Best Tuk Tuks !

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Everyone should visit Bangkok at least once in their life! Once there, you should also be taking a Tuk Tuk ride ! Generally speaking, Tuk Tuks are more expensive than regular taxis, but we only live once, and a Tuk Tuk ride is part of the whole Thailand experience!  So it’s one of those “must do” things.  Nowadays, Tuk Tuks are a global method of transport found on nearly every continent (in case you’re wondering which continent doesn’t have Tuk Tuks… it’s the Antarctic!).

What started off as a convenient method of transport, quickly evolved into a cultural symbol, in good ways and in bad ones! On one end Tuk Tuks are fun and cool, and some are incredibly ornate, whilst on the other end, the amount of Tuk Tuk drivers harassing you for a damn ride or taking you to a “discount store” instead of wherever you wanted to go, is ridiculous.

Honest Tuk Tuk
This is an easy way to retaliate at their harassment in a friendly way. They generally approach you and repeat “Tuk Tuk”  until you get angry, get in the Tuk Tuk, or get out of earshot.

Next time round, when they offer you a Tuk Tuk turn, face them, smile, and start repeating “Tuk Tuk” to them, like its you whose selling them the Tuk Tuk ride!

The variety of Tuk Tuks is endless, with new cool variations popping up throughout the year. From the simple and mundane, to the pimped out and glitzy, there’s a Tuk Tuk ride for everyone staying at Hostels in Bangkok!

Tuk Tuk Comfort!

Even in the worst situations, your Tuk Tuk can be a lifesaver, keeping you dry and comfortable on a flooded day in Bangkok.

Tuk Tuk Comfort

Tuk Tuk Danger

A drunk driving a Tuk Tuk with passengers, or none, on board is an instant fast track to a bad day! Stay safe! If your driver is acting dodgy, your ride might be, so choose another Tuk Tuk.

Tuk Tuk Crash

Tuk Tuk Army

There are literally thousands of Tuk Tuks here, you can examine a double column of Tuk Tuk Light Infantry patrolling the streets looking for backpackers and tourists!

Tuk Tuk column

Tuk Tuk Parade

They can be so much fun! There are some Tuk Tuk drivers who are genuine, honest and kind-hearted, who will gladly take you around to the coolest places and put up with your partying, for a fair price!

tuk tuk Circus

Tuk Tuk Carriage

Some Tuk Tuks are the epitome of style and class, bringing out the flash-packer in you! What did you do today? I took a Tuk Tuk-drawn Carriage to Khoa San road!

Tuk Tuk Carriage

Eco-Friendly Tuk Tuk

Next generation technology will definitely be solar powered Tuk Tuks! Which will reduce their costs, as well as pollution and noise. Save the Earth!

Solar Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk Overload!

The normal rules of physics do not apply when it comes to Tuk Tuks! As long as the damn thing can move in the direction they need it to, the locals don’t care what they’re pulling behind them!

Overloaded Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk Meals-On-Wheels

Besides being an efficient mode of transport, shelter and entertainment centers, Tuk Tuks can also become mobile restaurants! All you need is one Tuk Tuk and an enterprising person!

Meals on Wheels Tuk Tuk

“Factory Model Tuk Tuk!”

This is as standard as it gets…No frills, no sound, no bright lights… Just the basic transport, on 3 wheels. These models are most commonly found outside of Bangkok.

Local Style Tuk TukLiverpool Tuk Tuk

With a Tuk Tuk like this, you will truly never need to walk, let alone “walk alone” (Get it?) One culture inspiring another! It is easy to love Thailand!

Liverpool fan Tuk Tuk

4 X 4? Bitch Please!

Who needs a tough 4-wheel drive when you have a Tuk Tuk! Sit back and enjoy the show! Just make sure you don’g get soaked by other passing traffic!

Thailand Floods Entrepreneurs
Can Offroad, Can’t Swim

This is one of the few situations where a Tuk tuk is no good, but to be fair, anything short of a boat wont help in these conditions. Flooding does happen, take a look at our weather page to figure out when the best time for you to backpack in Bangkok is.

Residents push their tricycle taxi called a 'tuk-tuk' in a flooded temple complex in Nonthaburi provinceBad Day Tuk Tuk

We’re serious … stay away from shoddy driving. Don’t let a fun ride get out of hand!

Dead tuk tuk

Tuk Tuk Beats

The moment you realize that the heap of junk you’re travelling in actually has better sound than your local nightclub back home!

Boom Box Tuk Tuk

Squashed Sardines

Ever wondered how many people can fit into a Tuk Tuk? The most we’ve seen is 15 people (most of them were kids, but still :o)

6-kids-in-tuk-tukNightclub on Wheels!

Heading to a party in Bangkok? Then do it right. Do it in style with your very own mobile disco , release the flash-packer in you!


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