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Top 10 Restaurants in Bangkok for Backpackers

Bangkok is a city like no other…it’s filled with attractions and aromas that draw people from all over the globe into this whirlwind of treats for all your senses. You’ll find plenty of  Bangkok Hostel Accommodation, for everyone’s price range, and the city is filled with malls enticing to spend your money on all sorts of unique bits and bobs. After a day out and about, you’ll want somewhere with good food, good drinks and a good vibe. Why not wander the streets of Bangkok in search for the trip that takes your taste buds on tantalising tour of one of the world’s most amazing cuisines. You’ll find all sorts of spices and chillies, and you can opt for traditional Thai meals like Tom Yum soup or black sticky rice topped with almost anything you could imagine, and you’re guaranteed not to find this kind of stuff anywhere else. If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok, the below are worth a view…after all, everyone’s got to eat!

10. Hajime Robot Restaurant

Hajime Robot RestaurantThe hint is in its name…and, yes, it is what you’re thinking, AND it’s real! Robots actually dance and serve you food! The unique atmosphere combined with the affordable price keeps people coming back for more. To order your food, you have to use a touch screen monitor, which sends the instructions directly to your robot. These robots even collect the plates when you’re done from your meal…you’ll want to take one home with you!

9. Sam Yan

Sam Yan restaurant in BangkokSituated in Bangkok’s centre, this place is a hub for the students of the nearby technical colleges, and is a treasure trove for food lovers. The market provides fresh seafood, with cheap selections of fresh fruits and vegetables, brewed coffee and tea, and imported cookies and snacks. The market mainly caters for locals, and foreigners only seem to stumble upon here accidentally, but, this is the place to make your food shopping very inexpensive!

8. Ratchawat Market


Almost hidden within the green and peaceful district of Dusit, follow a road known as Nakhon Chaisi, and there you’ll find one of the oldest, bustling markets in Bangkok; yet here, the people seem to move at a much slower pace. Genuine, traditional food is served among these restaurants, and you can savour the flavours of traditional dishes like Kobe Beef Noodles, Roast Duck, Fried Shark Curry (prepped in an unnamed restaurant by a chef in a shower cap).  The food here is super cheap, and you could spend all day walking around tasting as much as you can!

 7. Took Lae Dee


This American diner-style restaurant is situated on Sukhumvit Soi, within the Foodland Supermarket

This American restaurant is situated at Sukhumvit Soi 5, inside the Foodland Supermarket. Being so close to a market overflowing with fresh produce, they make use of this luxury at extremely affordable prices. For Westerners, this is definitely a home away from home, and is definitely worthy of a visit the morning after the night before!

 6. Suda Restaurant

Suda-RestaurantNicely tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main street, Suda is cosily situated at 14, Sukhumvit Soi. If you’re a newbie to Thai food, entering this whole new culinary experience, this is certainly the starting point. Locals and tourists flock here and blend together, all eagerly waiting for their fishcakes and curries! Head to The Iron Fairies for a jazz-filled evening afterwards.

 5. Charoen Krung

Charoen KrungThis is THE Taste Trek…and it will take you on an incredible Thai street food journey! After this place, you won’t be going home disappointed…or on an empty stomach.  You’ll find a paradise of foods, and you’ll be tempted from every direction. Wake up to piping-hot rice porridge, and feast on shrimp wontons, grilled duck, fried banana and coconut or venture to try the khao niew sangkaya (sticky rice topped with Thai custard). 

4. Rawanstar (Roasted Duck)

Rawanstar-Roasted-DuckEVERYTHING that involves their roast duck is superb. They have duck roasting down to a fine art, and you will most likely never taste duck as good as this again. Ducks literally fly in and out of this place, with people ordering whole ducks to go. They do also serve some of the finest Kobe Beef noodles in Bangkok. This place is packed with people during lunchtime, so get there early!

 3. Som Tam Boo Maa

Bang-Khun-NonBang Khun Non will provide yet another heaven for those of you who love food and is surprisingly unknown. The streets are lined with authentic Thai restaurants, but Som Tam Boo Maa takes the cake when it comes to Isaan food, and is certainly an undisputed champion.  This family-run restaurants treats food with the utmost respect, and you’ll undoubtedly be ordering much more than you can eat. Try their roasted fish (pla pao)…it comes highly recommended. Then again, so does their som tam Thai, larbo moo and yam pla duk foo. You’ll figure it out…

2. Phetchaburi Soi 5

 Phetchaburi Soi 5

Discover this hidden gem between the shopping area of Siam and the Victory Monument. After you’ve done more shopping than you should have, and because it’s worth an evening visit, go and find this road, where the area becomes alive with scents and sights and caters to those returning from a tough day’s work. It’s mostly a take-away spot, but you’ll find a few areas to sit and watch the world go by. There are dozens of carts lining the streets, serving all sorts of noodles, rice, fruits and hundred of snacks. But, you should head to P’Aor for a delicious bowl of Tom Yum Goong noodles, which swim in a creamy broth that’s both sweet and sour and simply divine!

 1. Silom Soi

Silom-SoiUp-market street food! Silom Soi serves the most traditional Thai street food dishes at this lavish venue. The best time to pay this place a visit is at lunchtime, where you can witness the city in its element whilst feasting on various snacks, curries and drinks (I’d suggest you try the Khai Neow Dam Sang Kaya – traditional black sticky rice). Take the train from Chong Nonsi station (Exit 2) and turn left on Silom Road. You’ll come across Sri Maha Mariamman Temple (worth a visit for its baby hue colours), and you’ll find Soi 20. You may have to walk a bit…but it’s certainly worth it.


Most places in the world are home to a ‘China Town’. In Bangkok, this area is located next to Hua Lamphong and I do not hesitate to say that you will definitely find some of the best Chinese cuisine here, with items such as Suckling Pig and Bird’s Nest Soup tempting your tummy! Coming here at night is an experience in and of itself, with so much life surrounding the market that save for the black skies, you would not know it’s the middle of the night!

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