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We Believe Bangkok Hostel

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We Believe Hostel is actually a renovated old shop house building and it is found in the proximity of Sang-hi Bridge. The Hostel is located in a wonderful area, where you have plenty of things to explore. We Believe Hostel 2 We Believe Hostel is classified as a 1.5 star hostel. This is the perfect place to choose for your stay while you are in Bangkok for business or on holiday. In this hostel, which is made from a renovated old shop building, you will get comfortable amenities and friendly service to make your stay a very pleasant one. The lovely ambiance of this hostel is especially given by its decorations, which contain cat décor. The facilities are made to offer you a desirable and unforgettable stay in Bangkok. The Hostel has a style that is meant to preserve the original Thai life as it used to be 30 years ago. It is also made with a green concept, to make the visitors staying there fully enjoy their stay by offering them a very pleasant and attractive environment. We Believe Hostel offers the following room types:

  •  1 male dormitory room, suited for 6 persons
  •  1 female dormitory room, suited for 6 persons
  •  1 family room suited for 4 persons
  •  1 twin room with bathroom
  •  1 twin/share bathroom

The dormitory, family and twin rooms of this hostel do not have bathroom, but the guests staying there share shower rooms and lavatories. Breakfast is not included in the package of this hostel, so that the facilities list does not include breakfast. The check-in time at this hostel is between 16.00 and 23.00, while the check-out time is at 11.00. The visitors are required to call the Hostel service if they happen to accidentally lose their key.

The hostel has a cancellation policy, which is of 7 days’ time. If a guests does not cancel within 7 days, then it will result in a cancellation charge, which is equal to the first night of the stay. However, the facilities are meant to offer the guests comfort and a pleasant stay in this Hostel. The rooms are beautifully decorated and are made to resemble the Thai style, so that everyone staying there can enjoy the style of Thailand during their entire stay. Follow me on Google+

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Start your stay at We Believe Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand
Samantha ilbassa
We Believe Bangkok Hostel a perfect hostel to stay at! Easy going with friendly staff and an unassuming way.
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