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Thailand experiences high temperatures and high humidity. There are three seasons in Bangkok. The Rainy Season, the Cool Season and the Dry Season. Bangkok is on average the warmest city in the world. The thermometer usually stays above 30 Degrees Celsius all year round. The hottest part of the year is the period between March and August; the wettest part of the year is between June and October whilst the dry is generally between November and February. The climate type is known as tropical monsoon climate.

The Weather in Thailand


The peak of the rainy season is June but it generally starts in May and continues till September Even though it is the wet season you’re almost guaranteed sunshine every day. In fact it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy the rain as a cool off from the high twenties temperature. There are some rare days when it rains all day however due to the topography of the land it generally rains during the afternoons only. Prolonged rain periods lead to harsh problematic flooding as Bangkok is only six metres above sea level.


Rarely does the temperature vary much month on month in Bangkok. Travellers who know Bangkok well know that the best time of the year to visit Bangkok is from October just until February. Temperatures are cooler during this time and generally hover around the 25 and 28 degrees Celsius mark. Whilst the occasional rain is welcomed as it cools you down to just about right.


The driest time of the year in Bangkok is between November to February this also happens to be “high Season” for travellers and backpackers alike. It can get a bit uncomfortable during this time due to the high humidity, but in reality it’s only not that bearable for a few odd days, unless you’re a big pussy. Still pack light clothing so that you can handle it a bit better, for the sake of other travellers and the human race in general we also recommend bringing deodorant. Temperatures during this time of the year will easily go up to the mid-thirties.


Average High/Low Temperature for Bangkok


bangkok average weather

Live Bangkok Weather Feed


Thursday Thunderstorms 27°C - 34°C Friday Thunderstorms 26°C - 35°C Saturday Thunderstorms 26°C - 34°C Sunday Thunderstorms 25°C - 34°C [...]
Source: Bangkok Weather
Temperature: 27.0°C Feels like: 30.0°C Dew point: 24.0°C [...]
Source: Bangkok Weather
Source: Bangkok Weather

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