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When is the cheapest time to travel?

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Just like every other city in the world Bangkok is seasonal!  This seasonality allows you to save quite a few extra bucks if you’re flexible with your travel dates. Another side effect of this seasonality (besides the costs) is the fact that there will be noticeably less travellers and tourists in most places.

This is unlikely to make any differance at all at the more commercial major attractions, but it will still make a differance on your bank account.

Check out our easy Bangkok travel calendar below.

Dollar Signs and colour indicate cost differance
Bangkok Travel Calendar




Asking yourself when the cheapest  time to travel to bangkok is ? This should pretty much solve it for you

By comparing Hostel rates, transport costs, flights and food costs we can easily determine when the cheaper and expensive times are.

The cheapest time of the year to travel to Bangkok is July. The most expensive time of the year is January.

Coincidentaly January (High Season) is also the best time of the year in terms of weather . There are some epic festivals during this time of the year too so its easy to see why everything becomes more expensive.

Supply and demand lead to there price fluctuations. Generally booking a hostel well in advance helps reduce the price escalation if you are visiting during high season.

Some travellers avoid booking in advance and hope for a better price if they manage to book some last minute beds directly at the hostel. Sometimes this works, other times you can end up drinking your accomodation at the nearest bar because you can’t find a place to sleep.

Without a doubt we always recommend booking in advance . Partying in Bangkok can be hard core, not having a place to rest afterwards is a bitch . Feel free to contact us and let us know your experience if this happened to you!
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When is the Cheapest time to travel to Bangkok
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A month by month price and cost comparison explained for travellers visitng Bankok
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